Villa Sandi - Serenissima D.O.C. - Opere Trevigiane - Gift Box 2 Bt - White Gold - Quality Wine Brut - Prosecco & Sparking

White gold box containing two bottles of Opere Trevigiane Serenissima D.O.C. with Stopper.

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Package 750 ml
Certifications D.O.C.
Region Veneto
Nation Italy


Villa Sandi - Year 1622

A sparkling jewel protected by the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, Villa Sandi is a Palladian style masterpiece dating back to 1622, and it is also the main office of the company.

The Villa rises from a fertile countryside in which fields and farms, nowadays as well as in the past, pay homage to the local history. A vibrant stage in which nature and architecture live in total harmony together; place of delight and headquarters, the complex of Villa Sandi is an enchanting estate where man and environment are in perfect symbiosis.

The entrance is an elegant alley sided by statues of the popular Venetian sculptor Orazio Marinali, whose works decorate also the gable and the backyard. A massive pronaos, sustained by four Ionian columns, adorn the main part of the building, on each side of which two elegant Barchesse and a small chapel stand.The Villa, cultural heritage of the Trevisan land, is situated between the D.O.C.G. area of the Prosecco of Valdobbiadene and the D.O.C. area of the Montello and Piave wines.

Villa Sandi - Opere Trevigiane - Gift Box 2 Bottles with Stopper - White Gold

White gold box containing two bottles of Opere Trevigiane Serenissima D.O.C. with Stopper.

Villa Sandi - Riserva - Opere Trevigiane - Quality Sparkling Wine Made by The Classic Method V.S.Q. Brut

A sparkling wine of a bright straw yellow colour with an intense fine and persistent perlage. Well-marked hints of ripe white fruits which give aromatic harmony and sweetness. A fragrant aroma of delicious bread crust and delicate flowery notes of small mountain flowers. Fresh,dry with a soft, flavoursome and persistent finish. Its well-balanced acitity perfectly underlines the great personality and character of this wine.


Chardonnay and Pinot Nero; the percentages may vary slightly with the different vintages.

Production Area

The area of the "Serenissima" DOC, extends into the foothills placed as an arch between the Alps at north and the Po plain in the south. The soils, depending on the hilly areas, have a volcanic or sedimentary origin; the soil coming from the sloughing of these rocks, is on average superficial, with the widespread presence of skeleton that allows an excellent drainage of rainwater. The vineyards are located in our estate of Crocetta del Montello. The summers are cool and ventilated and characterized by pronounced day-night temperature changes.

Training System

Guyot with minimum 3.500 plants per hectare.

Yield per Hectare

On average 120 quintals of grapes.

Harvest Period

End of August.


Whole grapes are put into the pneumatic press for soft pressing and the resulting must, after a first racking, is put into controlled temperature tanks, where alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of 17-19°C. The wine remains in the tanks to age until the following spring.

Production of The Froth

After having created the cuvée by blending the two types of wine and having added the yeast cultures selected by Villa Sandi in suitable proportions, the wine is bottled. The bottles are then stored in underground cellars where the temperature and humidity are constant. Secondary fermentation takes place here and the sparkling wine ages in contact with the lees for at least 24 months. Disgorging is carried out after this period and only after another two months of settling the sparkling wine is ready to be marketed.


An excellent aperitif, ideal with finger food.

Serving Temperature

6-8 °C

Average Data

Alcohol 12 % vol

Sugar 10 g/l

Acidity 6 g/l

Format Operating

75 cl

Amalia Moretti

In the eighteenth century caves at a time, at a depth ranging from 5 to 10 meters, slowly matures with a wise aging a small amount of Spumante Classico Riserva, obtained from a Cuvée of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grapes from the best Cru.

The Amalia Moretti Reserve is produced thanks to the knowledge and care of our oenologists and the precious contribution of Jean-Pierre Valade, winemaker in Champagne. This important Reserve dedicated to the founder, Amalia Moretti, arises from the desire to express all the potential of the land in which we have worked for generations. It is a place of secular culture and home of illustrious names, such as Canova, whose works can be visited in the nearby gypsoteca of Possagno.

Opere Trevigiane

Opere trevigiane is a sparkling wine with undeniable elegance and timeless appeal: a fine sophisticated example of the Italian Classic Method whose legacy is handed down from generation to generation.

Elegance and finesse, two qualities needed to create a perfectly balanced wine, are also reflected in the style of Opere Trevigiane and Amalia Moretti has spent tears passionately researching ways of enchanting the products and ensuring their style lives on, year after year. This superior sparkling wine, with its golden yellow bubbles or subtle rosé hints, ranks among the top wines in the area.

Ever since its establishment, Opere Trevigiane has felt a strong bond with the historical and artistic treasures of its homeland. So on the neck of each bottle there is a loose adaptation of one of Canova’s statues, a detail of the monument to Maria Christina of Austria. The Opere Trevigiane collection in this catalogue pays tribute to the artist from Possagno and some of his works of art, whose vibrant colours transform unyielding marble into the light, harmonious masterpieces. Even the aristocratic bubbles flaunt iridescent wefts, with subtle hues and volitive colours. Each parkling wine features a detail of a sculpture whose shape, energy or sensuality reflects the organoleptic characteristics of the wine itself.

Opere Trevigiane is a sparkling wine made by the Classic Method, and represents a deep-rooted wine by the Classic Method, and represents a deep-rooted wine culture, as ancient as the cellars where it is laid down to mature. These underground cellars stretch for over 1,5 km, deep below the Villa Sandi estate. Our classic sparkling wine Opere Trevigiane is notable for its elegance, fine aromas, harmonious balance and its very fine mousse. Every vintage reflects its own unique characteristics and sensations, buti s always a true reflection of the pleasure of Italian wine.

Let yourself be taken on a journey through the charming Treviso March with its noble flavours and discover the sparkling wines of Opere Trevigiane. Vineyeards, which stretch as far ad the eye can see, an rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop to the prized fertile countryside.

Records of the province of Treviso date back to the 14th century, when it was the home to numerous poets, troubadours and chivalrous festivals. It has been a cultural centre for centuries and has many famous sons, including Canova, whose works can be seen in the gallery in nearby Possagno which houses a collection of plaster casts.

Opere Trevigiane wines know how to seduce with their authentic perfumes and their subtle aromas which soften and diffuse into a fine elegant perlage. As the artist’s heart captures the fragments of time and transforms them into artistic creations, Opere chooses only the finest vintage grapes and transforms them into the delicious sparkling wines for a taste of poetical character.

Pinot Nero

A black grape vine of French origin. It is said to have been cultivated in Burgundy already 2,000 years ago, well before the arrival of the Romans. There are two types: the fine, used to produce red wines, and the productive from which white and sparkling wines as well as Champagne are obtained. It is a variety that can easly change to give rise to other species, including Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio. The name Pinot is owed to the typical cone shape of the small, compact and serrated cluster; the grape itself has a thin dark blue skin and a low tannin content.


A white grape vine originally from the French namesake district in Burgundy. It was brought to Italy at the end of the Seventies; it is believed to have come from a hybrid createde in Carolingian times (8-10th century). Used pure or blendedwith other grapes to obtain still and sparkling winesa, including Champagne, it is particularly suited to vinification and ageing in wood. The aroma is always fresh and intense. Golden grape with high sugar content.

Classic Method


The wine is left to age in bottles placed in stacks sur lattes (on their sides), where the secondary fermentation starts. The yeast deposits form and create the typical aromas of the classic sparkling wine.


The bottles are placed on racks (french pupitres) and are delicately turned by skillful hands every day so that the sediment settles on the bottom of the cork.


The neck of the bottle is frozen and the wine containing the deposit is naturally ejected due to the internal pressure. In this way the rest of the wine remains limpid.


Before corking, a quantity of liqueur d’expédition is added to make up for the small loss of wine from the dégorgement, the recipe for this filling solution is one of the winery’s skills.

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Villa Sandi - Serenissima D.O.C. - Opere Trevigiane - Gift Box 2 Bt - White Gold - Quality Wine Brut - Prosecco & Sparking

Villa Sandi - Serenissima D.O.C. - Opere Trevigiane - Gift Box 2 Bt - White Gold - Quality Wine Brut - Prosecco & Sparking

White gold box containing two bottles of Opere Trevigiane Serenissima D.O.C. with Stopper.

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