Safe Payments

Avvenice offers extreme safety to its users, both regarding personal data and payments thank to the SSL cryptography protection which is active all across our plaftorm. SSL is the most advanced security standard for the exchange of confidential information on the web. As you can see from the lock at the top of the webpage close to the link bar, the protection is active.

In Avvenice it is possible to purchase with all the most common payment methods. Avvenice will never have visibility neither access to the credit cards data of its clients. All the payments will be done externally to Avvenice's platform, on banks and payment intermediaries' servers which have been accurately selected by Avvenice for their security and reliability. Also our partners are provided with SSL cryptographic protection and other data verification systems to guarantee the maximum data security and protection.

Avvenice takes extreme care of the client data security and protection.

Credit Cards

Avvenice accepts all major credit cards ( Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Visa Electron, etc ). The transactions only happen on the safe and protected servers of the banks partnering with Avvenice, global leading company for online transactions, and it utilizes the 128 bit SSL protocol, the highest security standard for sending confidential information through the web.

After having confirmed your order on our platform, you will be re-directed on the bank's server which will manage the online payment. The system supports the following credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, American Express, Diners and utilizes all the security protocol 3D Secure - Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and CV2 to guarantee extreme easiness in the payment process.

Once the payment process has been concluded, you will be automatically redirected to Avvenice's platform to finalize your order.

Avvenice never see, and does not keep, in any way, record of your credit card details, since the transaction happens between your PC and the payment company's server.

SCA - Strong Customer Authentication

All the Avvenice payments are processed with SCA protection. Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area. The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.

Bank Transfer

The transfer has to be done using the bank details noted below. Avvenice will immediately take care of processing the order once the payment confirmation is received from its bank or the TRN number ( transfer number ) from the client vie e-mail.

It is mandatory to insert the purchase order number on the transaction description.

Bank's Account Holder: Avvenice - Core Investment Company S.r.l.
Bank: Qonto Corporate Banking
Address: Piazza San Vito 15, Treviso (TV), 31100, Italy
IBAN: IT61I3609201600728321483120
BANK: 36092
BRANCH: 01600
ACCOUNT: 728321483120
Additional BIC/SWIFT for SWIFT Transfer: TRWIBEB3XXX


In order to make international transfers safely and with low commission costs, we recommend to use TransferWise.


Direct payment via online banking. Make payments the easy way with your own online banking details. Fast and direct.

With SOFORT online shopping payments has never been easier! You can use your own online banking login details – convenient and secure. And thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed immediately. Look forward to speedy delivery!


With Giropay you can easily, quickly and safely pay in many online stores. The service can be used with your online banking and with the banks that are contracted as Sparkasse.

Without any additional registration, just use PIN and TAN from your online banking. For small payments below 30 eur you can now pay without TAN.


Simple & Swift - No more hassle with cards or card readers. In webshops that accept mobile payments with Bancontact, you can use the app to make payments, safely and easily.

Safe - Using the app is not only easy and quick, it’s also safe. Just like any other Bancontact payment.

Everywhere - Scan, pin, done. Anyone with a Bancontact card can install and use the app. Pay online in a growing number of webshops, anywhere, anytime.


iDEAL is a method of payment that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank. In addition to webshops, other organisations that are not part of the e-commerce market also offer iDEAL. iDEAL is increasingly used to pay energy bills, make donations to charities, buy mobile credits, pay local taxes, traffic fines, etc…


Satispay is the free application to pay in affiliated physical stores and online, to make phone top-ups and send money to contacts in your phone book. Free, safe, simple. Do it Smart!


Since its creation in 1985 with the advent of electronic payment terminals, Multibanco has gained a perfect knowledge of the market. This leading solution in Portugal allows users to pay for their purchases and bills via an ATM. Once they receive their Multibanco voucher, e-shoppers have two options: either to go to a Multibanco ATM to complete their order or to confirm the electronic bank transfer via their online bank account.


Payshop is a domestic online payment method in Portugal which enables online shoppers to pay for their goods by cash or cards in physical shops or 'agent' location. At checkout, the online shopper selects the option to pay with Payshop, receives a ticket or invoice-a-like document with a unique reference. This reference number is then entered into the Payshop enabled cash register. The consumers  pays in cash or by card and the merchant receives instant confirmation of successful payment. Consumer benefit from not having to enter confidential banking or card information and allows anyone without access to electronic (credit) cards to pay online.


Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers banking services. Headquartered in London, it was founded by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. Revolut helps you get the most out of your finances by letting you manage your entire financial life from a single app.


What you love in 3 installments, without interest. Available online and in store. Scalapay is an innovative payment method that allows you to buy now and pay it in three convenient instalments of the same amount, without interest. Scalapay has the advantage of attracting customers who would not have bought immediately, resulting in more sales from existing customers and attracting new ones. This increases the likelihood that the customer will buy immediately and order more items, thereby increasing the conversion rate and average cart amount. We are always available with free assistance.


Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB is a non-profit organization acting as the governing body of the CB payment scheme to provide a universal and interoperable card payment and ATM cash withdrawal scheme in Europe. End 2013, CB has 126 members, comprising both banks and payment institutions worldwide.

Skrill - Moneybookers

Moneybookers is an international payment system that allows you to make transactions such as receiving or transferring money and making purchases online with the participating shops.


In order to view all the payment options at check out, we recommend to view the website and process the order in EUR currency, as some payment options may not be available in the other currencies.