Fraccaro Spumadoro - Pasticceria Fraccaro

The Art of Home Baking Since 1932

In 1932 Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened the Fraccaro Spumadoro bakery within the medieval walls of Castelfranco, laying the foundation of a baking tradition which was destined to become famous. Alongside its popular bread, this small bakery soon started to be known for its cakes with such great appreciation that a second bakery was opened in Borgo Pieve, just after the end of the war. The new bakery specialised in the making of fragrant focaccie, panettoni and sponge cakes (plum-cake). The key ingredient to this success was a proven and precise production method. The same principle was retained and enhanced when Fraccaro opened their dedicated cake factory:all the products are still made according to the artisan tradition, in the factory you will find the same scents and atmosphere as the original family bakery. Simplicity, authenticity and community: our cakes reflect these values, the ones we share with family and friends, their smells and taste remind you of fond memories.

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