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Massimago is a wine company embedded in Valpolicella area. It is an ambitious project full of expectations and determination: every day defy to reach the excellence in our wines without compromises. The estate is embedded in the valley of Mezzane, in the most secret and wild Valpolicella, it has belonged to the Cracco Family (Camilla’s mother family) since 1883. From 2003 it has had its renaissance as a Company.

Presentation Massimago

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    My eyes have contemplated the spectacle of the grape harvest one hundred and twenty-seven times. I have talked enough about the moonlight . Don’t ask me about anything else. Just listen to the voice of the vines when there is no longer a breath of wind. I am Massimago.

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    One glass is not enough. A wine is a great wine if it enters in the daily routine of the people. Curiosity belongs to those who believe that there is always something different. Irony belongs to those who observes thoughtlessly a world always more elitist. Trust belongs to those who identify themselves simply in things.

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    Wool interlaced in a single frame. A glass, a candle, pepper sprinkled on the table. For the first time the Valpolicella Superiore has changed its name and has acquired its own identity. Our purpose is a wine which is particularly intense on the nose, vertical and proud of its spicy and herbal tones. This year reminds you of herbs of maquis and ripe...

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    It's a name that make you dizzy. A bit of goddess a bit of witch, the Ripasso is a muse. The certainty of recognizing in this wine the fragrance of a region. The mental thoughtlessness of being able to face life always with a smile. The sensibility of going deep on everything.

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    Pink powder, a ballerina’s tutu, graceful beauty on her toes, waiting for the curtain to rise. Convinced that we could add sparkle to the unique aroma of the Corvina grape, we took up the challenge of 2012, a perfect year thanks to the huge drought conditions, ideal for balanced acidity.

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    Crispy green apple slices, a delicate vine that bends in a fragrant citrus-scented breeze. I wanted to give my Garganega the opportunity to express herself in a different way. I wanted her to finally become a real lady; she introduces herself with a citrus bouquet almost grapefruit-like. The slow gentle drying of her grapes has concentrated 50 years of...

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    To paint, it is essential to known f lavour s understand the primary colours. Natural and direct fruit of our grapes. The Valpolicella reflects the authentic expression of the land from which it comes from. I like thinking about the spontaneity of a product which shows itself differently every year. This year reminds you of crunchy cherries, aromatic...

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