Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli

The Noble Taste of the Tradition

The love for the land of Counts Spagnoletti Zeuli has ancient roots. Certain information, stored in the secular archives of the House, dates back to the 1600s and documents the ownership of the land surrounding the Castel del Monte, the majestic octagonal castle which dominates the town of Andria. Built in the thirteenth century by Frederick II of Swabia, Castel del Monte was ruled in 600 by Sebastian Spagnoletti who was the last inhabitant of the castle. The history of the family, which also includes the illustrious men of law and church, coincides with the works and events that have patiently transformed the originally wooded area in a lush countryside. We are in the southern peninsula of Italy, which faces east, the sea of Ulysses. Plowing through it many centuries before the Christian era, the Greek settlers brought here, along with their civilization, the culture of wine and oil.

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