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The Borgo, or historic hamlet, that today enfolds Rocca Sveva is an unusual space and one with characteristics unmatched elsewhere. One of Soave’s most ancient settlements, it still preserves important traces of its past, including venerable inscriptions, the medieval church of San Giorgio, and the Castello di Soave, commanding a view from every direction. It was in Borgo Rocca Sveva (the ancient Borgo Covergnino), in fact, that the noble Giavarina family had its residence, documented as early as the 15th century in the municipal archives. When that family died out, in the 17005, the new owner used the foundations of the old Villa Giavarina to build a new complex and connecting wine cellars. Cantina di Soave restored these buildings in 2010, bringing back their ancient splendour, and today they serve as a formal event centre for the Winery.

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