Sorgente del Gusto

The Trout, Of Course

The Sterpo Agricultural Company, in the homonymous village of Sterpo, in Friuli, for over 50 years of activity, today transforms about 15.000 quintals of trout per year - divided between rainbow trout, brown trout and char - in fresh fillets, hamburgers and other delicacies in various specialties. The village is rich in ancient medieval tradition and is immersed in the great park of the Stella river. The Company, always attentive to the quality of raw materials, transforms only products of superior quality bred in the waters of the surrounding territory: in pure, cold and oxygen-rich waters. An activity that draws its best from nature without affecting its equilibrium. Modern technologies, care, experience and constant health checks have led to the development of an important supply specifications in compliance with a strict Quality Plan and the SA8000 directives.

Presentation Sorgente del Gusto

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