Tenuta Fontana

A Secular Tradition - A Passion Enduring all Over The Years

Tenuta Fontana is an agricultural company which produces and markets high quality wines, made from carefully selected grapes of Campania region, cultivated on Fontana family’s vineyards between “agro-aversano” and “beneventano” area. Established in 2009, the Company has its roots in a centuries-old viticulture and production tradition dating back to the 1800’s when the Fontana Family started to dedicate itself to the cultivation of Asprinio grape in the “agro Aversano” area that is today one of the most celebrated places for DOC production. Thanks to fifth generation family members, Mariapina and Antonio Fontana, and with encouragement and support from their parents Raffaele and Teresa Diana, a heritage has become a Company and farmland cultivated with the Asprinio grape has been developed to grow also other products.

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