Verys is The Realization of An Innovative Idea Focused on Producing 100 % Plant Based, Vegan, Food

Verys is the realization of an innovative idea focused on producing 100% plant based, vegan, food. Innovative vegetable products made for Human Wellness respecting the Environment. Find them at the best Groceries and Supermarkets. Verys is passion, innovation and a breakthrough event in the food and nutrition landscape. Delicious products from entreé, main dishes and snaks are brought from the italian culinary tradition straight to your table. Prepared using high quality vegetable ingredients only to maintain the health of our mind, body and to support sustainability and love for the Earth. The challenge of finding a good and safe plant-based vegan alternatives, the purpose not to trade on any animals and the respect directed towards Environment are just some of the driving forces behind this company. Believing on this vision created the chance to develop this idea grown from a group of person who's been in the food industry for over generations.​​​​​​​​​​ A continuous and passionate research for new food products using safe high quality ingredients, producing following sustainability principles, biodiversity and respecting cultures and animals.

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