Vittorio Martire

Milano - Philosophy - Craftsmanship, Heritage, Exclusivity

The brand was born in Milano, Italy. The first showroom opened was in the famous Montenapolene District in Via Santo Spirito in Milano. After one year of great economic results was opened a bigger showroom in in the prestigious Palazzo Borromeo in Via Alessandro Manzoni. The brand has two line: the first line Vittorio Martire Milano, the second line Vittorio Martire Trend. Vittorio Martire Milano first line of shoes is entirely handmade based on craftsmanship, love and attention to detail. The shoes are made using only the finest leathers, fabrics and exotic leathers. Timeless elegance, extreme quality and creativity define these shoes. Wide range of shoes for every occasion, from business to casual sneakers for informal occasions. With the ability of making entirely made-to-measure shoes, to satisfy every desire.

Presentation Vittorio Martire

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