How to Register a Traditional Product Under the P.D.O. or P.G.I. Label ?

The P.D.O. and P.G.I. labels are released only after a severe and complex process which, starts with the foundation of a farmers/producers association, and with the preparation of the relevant documentation that has to be submitted to the competent National Ministry.

The application has to be composed by the following:

– clear elements that identify the product ( denomination, characteristics );

– production area;

– documentation that highlights the historical origin of the product from that specific area ( it has to be at least a 25 year old tradition );

– authority in charge of certification ( chosen between the ones authorized by the competent Ministry ).

The National Ministry, verifies the documentation compliance to the European Union regulation, fulfills a further verification with the Region/County and with the local Chamber of Commerce and publishes the proposal on the Official Journal.

Once this phase is completed, the application is sent to the European Union which proceeds with a further examination and, if it is successful, with the publication on the European Union Official Journal. After 6 months if there are not oppositions, the registration is approved and formalized through a second publication on the European Union Official Journal.

From then on the product can benefit of the P.D.O. or P.G.I. label. When founded the consortium would become the executive for the protection of the product ( the authority which represents the farmers/producers ) and the product certification system is activated.