Mencarelli Cocoa Passion

Mencarelli - Quintessential Artisan Chocolate, Passionate About Chocolate

He has been breathing the good food's smell since he was a child and the ability to create things derives from his family's artisan tradition. His passion for chocolate comes from an inspiration, sinks in deeply and won't abandon him. We are in Castelplanio, in the core of Alta Vallesina: the charming features of the territory are typical of the Marche region, and is the cradle of a wine-and-food delight tradition. This is where Paolo works, searching for the best cocoa coming from some South American and Madagascar areas, places where it is possible to find the same love and care for the fruits of the earth as in the Marche's hills. He improves his technique as Maître Chocolatier inspired by his irresistible urge to uncover the goodness within the raw material: the cocoa beans.

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