Al Palazzino - Amore di Mamma

Welcome to Our House

The location is more similar to a Venetian parlor than a restaurant, furnished with simple taste, where the candelabra, old curtains, linen tablecloths, paintings and historical photos, the wood fireplace is turned on in the autumnal and winter months all together re-create that old home culture, without stress and with honest and genuine sentiments. A luxury environment with particular attention to the family, not th3 luxury that may contain the habits and the client’s social world, creating vague embarrassment. Sophistication of emotions, not elite stereotypes. Welcome to my home, is our greeting. After having lunch or dinner at our place, you will appreciate this type of welcome where the term “restaurant” is put aside. Ideal location for your events: weddings, anniversaries and any other family events.

Presentation Al Palazzino - Amore di Mamma

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