Genius Bowtie

Exclusive Hand Crafted Unique Bowtie

It all started with a gift from my girlfriend on my birthday. She loves buying accessories taking them apart and creating new unique ones just for herself. She knows I like men's accessories and complain at the lack of choice we have compared to women. So, for our third anniversary on my birthday she handed me a box containing a white suede bowtie with peacock feathers. It was so unique, and quite possibly the best designed bowtie I had ever seen, trust me I know my bowties and have an extensive collection.I loved my bowtie so much, that I waited for the perfect place to wear it in style. Lucky for me I was invited to my friends wedding in Monaco, where I of course decided to wear it. That night my bowtie was a instant hit, every one loved the design and asked where I purchased it from, I was not expecting such a huge level of interest. Of course I gave credit to my girlfriend for making it specially for me.

Presentation Genius Bowtie

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