Avvenice Affiliate

Top Quality Affiliate

Dear all, it is very important for us to have a very high quality standard of posts, link sharing, blogs, social, websites where we are present, so please keep up the quality of your work, reflecting the high level of our brands and website.

To keep high the quality standards of our project we allow only a restricted number of selected members to become Avvenice Affiliate.

Avvenice Commissions

10 % Beauty & Lifestyle

10 % Sunglasses & Eyewear

4 % Travel and Restaurants

5 % All the other Products

Note: commissions are calculated at net of tax

Avvenice Payout

At the moment, the minimum payout, is set to 20 EUR.

Your payout will be sent by direct deposit to your bank account, worldwide.

Fee Payment

The payment of the fee will be immediately after the request of payout.


The affiliate program is available globally. We already delivered worldwide, however we suggest you to promote our website and products, mainly in Europe and USA, where we have the most of our customers. The most of our shipments come from Italy, so if you promote it in Europe is easier to sell, because customers will pay little shipment costs.

Affiliation Links

In every Avvenice website page, at the bottom, you can find your affiliation link of the page you are seeing.

Also in every product page, you can find your dedicated affiliation link, and the reward you will get from selling that product.

We suggest you to use the affiliation link with your customer id because is more professional and nice to see.

Affiliate Discount Code

If you prefer, you can use your personalized discount code, instead of affiliate links. Any user purchases using your discount code will be registered under you, and you will receive the commissions.

Conditions of Work

Normally we never ask any report, but we reserve in any moment, the possibility to ask you, a detailed report about your links and work. This is only to protect and see, the quality standards of our project are respected. If asked, please show us, the right reports, we can monitor from where arrive any visit, so please avoid to post us fake or fraudulent reports.

Your Account Balance

Your affiliate fee will be added to your account when the product is delivered to the customer, and there are no refund or return request by the buyer.

Termination of Service

In any case, the affiliate, will take actions, that can cause, a very serious damage to our image, we reserve, at any time, the right to terminate the service and suspend your affiliate account.

The Avvenice Project is developed with the cooperation of some of the most important business man of Europe and Asia, we don't allow any fraudulent activity, scam, spam, anything that can damage our image. In any of these cases your affiliate account will be terminated immediatly.


This affiliation section, and affiliation account privileges, will be hidden for everybody, so if you keep this affiliate section of our website secret, is better.

Good Work

Thanks all for the support and help this project grow up, good work !

Work hard, be professional, and we will reach for sure the top !


Avvenice Team


For more information or support please contact: affiliate@avvenice.com

Please note that your request to become an affiliate can be rejected.

Avvenice is not responsible for any action taken by its affiliates, and disclaims any liability in all circumstances.