Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli - Awards

Premio Enologico Internazionale Vinitaly 2016 - 5 Star Wines - Castel del Monte - DOCG Rosso Riserva Terranera 2012

Punteggio: 90/100


The farm of the Count Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli, is an ethical company, devoted to the established territory, Puglia, and to the enhance production through the short chain (production, processing and marketing). This is accomplished by respecting the quality of products, food safety, traceability in the supply chain, protecting the environment through the development of integrated agriculture and the use of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic).

In particular, the company, in addiction to the application of mandatory regulations in force (health, HACCP, safety), has also adopted a series of voluntary control systems, periodically inspected by authorized certification bodies both national and international.

In particular, the company adheres to the following certification systems:

D.O.P. Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte, for extravirgin olive oil;

D.O.C. Castel del Monte - for wine. With globalization, the company has discovered and raised the value of land of belonging, Puglia, and the value of the raw materials, such as the cultivar “coratina” and the grapes “Troia”.

INTEGRATED PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: the company adopts a technique of agricultural production which can reduce pesticide residues in agricultural products that we put on our tables, and thus attenuate environmental impact due to the indiscriminate use of synthetic chemicals. Chemical methods are judiciously balanced, limited in compliance with product safety and environmental protection. In summary, it is effective against insects that damage plants and fruits, but with more attention to the product. Therefore it is not organic farming. The operations and products used are daily recorded in a: “Country Logbook”.

I metodi chimici sono accuratamente equilibrati, limitati e giudiziosi e tengono conto della salubrità del prodotto e della protezione ambientale, in sintesi si agisce contro gli insetti dannosi per le piante ed i frutti, ma con un’attenzione in più. Non si tratta quindi di agricoltura biologica. Le operazioni ed i prodotti utilizzati vengono registrati quotidianamente nel Quaderno di Campagna.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001: includes the control of the final product, its safety, the lack of defects, the reliability and the control of all production processes that have created the product and the entire business system.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 14001: the company produces and respects the surrounding area, assuming a commitment to voluntarily reduce pollution by controlling pollutants. The company is committed and certifies, year by year, the reduction of water discharges, air emissions, waste, consumption of resources, the use and possession of dangerous substances and noise.

TRACEABILITY IN THE FEED AND FOOD CHAIN ISO 22005: The company has developed a process that allows us to reconstruct the history of the product backward “from the field to the table” through an informational system containing the path of the raw materials (grapes and olives) and any other ingredients.

IFS STANDARD: the company is qualified according to the requirements of quality, safety and regulatory compliance on food, responding to stringent requirements in order to control quality, management responsibility, management resource, personnel, and facilities.

BRC STANDARD: ensures that the products are made in compliance with hygienical requirements and quality parameters.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: the Photovoltaic field has allowed the company to become energy independent, enabling the consumption of the energy produced while reducing the emissions of carbon monoxide, 680 tons less per year. We proudly claim a service performed for the community, based on the use of so-called clean energy: photovoltaic technology, is based on silicon, the second most non-toxic common element on the earth’s surface. Currently it is the best method of energy production known, allowing the obtainment of electrical energy necessary to its requirements without the use of any type of fuel and damage to the environment: produces no emissions, uses no fuel and totally eliminates any kind of harmful emissions to our atmosphere.