Sport & Kurhotel Bad Moos - Dolomites Spa Resort

Exclusive Hotel in Sesto Dolomites

The Bad Moos - Dolomites Spa Resort is located in a unique area of countryside, in the middle of the Drei Zinnen Nature Park, part of the Dolomites UNESCO world heritage site. The peaks of the Rotwand and Dreischuster watch over our resort at the entrance to the wild and romantic Fischlein Valley. Behind them rise the famous three peaks of the Drei Zinnen, while on the other side of the valley, the Carnic ridge marks the Austrian border. Following requests by the Italian provinces of South Tyrol, Trentino, Pordenone, Udine and Belluno, the Dolomites were awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO in 2009. UNESCO did not grant protected status to the whole of this famous mountain chain in the southern limestone alps, with its unique geological and botanical features. However, the world heritage site does cover a large area of 141,910 hectares, including the northern Dolomites and the Drei Zinnen area.

Presentation Bad Moos - Dolomites Spa Resort

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