Vinicio Momoli

Critical Anthology - Renato Barilli - The Triumph of Nexus

It's immediately highlighted that Vinicio Momoli's work, is Minimalism inspired, an essential and big movement emerged in the 68th revolution frame, specially cause it taught to all necessity to invade space with massive forms and totally material inertia. But that movement, in the principal exponents versions Bob Morris, Donald Judd, Carl Andre and even in the neons of Dan Flavin, suffered of an annoying tare, it confirms a morphological code dependence, founded on the right angle, on the cutting dihedral and other solutions with a total old geometrical abstractionism subjection, tough renovated adding large doses of pure state materiality inside. By the way, just the leader Morris well understood a bit after, the partial irrelevance of their first version and he overturned product, passing to practice a radical Anti-form, relying to typical soft materials, like soft and drooping felts.

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