Rent Offshore Lago Maggiore

Rent a Dream with Skipper

We do not want to be remembered as a 'boat rental' but as a wonderful experience on Lake Maggiore. Rent Offshore Lago Maggiore offers you a charter service with skipper and hostess on board a Tullio Abbate Offshore 36 boat. Our services can be personalized to fit all your needs, a special way to understand the "rent boat ". The boat is based in Verbania Pallanza at the Carcano Motori Marini shipyard; the location in the centre of the lake allows to plan the best routes containing fuel consumption. Of course it will be possible to agree on another place of boarding of your choice. To ensure maximum privacy no written announcement appears on the boat. Welcome on board, Marino Guglielmi.

Presentation Rent Offshore Lago Maggiore

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