Pursuit of Excellence

Peuterey is a crest of Mont Blanc: a place of majestic beauty, where the union between earth and sky is achieved, where height and verticality blend with the material. The three red dots, an icon of the brand, are a graphic reproduction. The spirit of Peuterey is born from these atmospheres, which is embodied in a passionate pursuit of excellence in the performance of materials, purity of forms, functionality of details: a precious know-how in continuous growth. Peuterey outerwear - for men, women and children - are made by expert hands through long and meticulous processing steps, according to the highest quality standards. Peuterey garments are born from the pursuit of excellence, to last over time. They guarantee high quality for latest generation fabrics and padding, impeccable design and packaging, richness of details and multifunctional devices.

Presentation Peuterey

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