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Jekca, is a company from Hong Kong, which creates a range of sculptures entirely created with colored bricks for constructions such as those of the famous LEGO company. These sculptures have the particularity of representing dogs or cats almost separately. Many breeds are proposed especially for dogs, among which you can choose for example from a Corgi, a Border Collie, a Beagle and many others. While for cats the difference lies more than anything else in the poses. In fact, cats are depicted as if they were taken by a camera in their daily actions, therefore in movement. For example, there are sculptures of cats as they walk or mingle. The JEKCA brand is designed for adults who feel they are children, so it is not surprising to discover that culture comes with assembly instructions. Made with more than 1200 individual bricks each, the sculptures run, sit, or stand on their hind legs or walk. Once mounted these objects become indestructible, there is no possibility that they break or are not guaranteed.

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