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Born by You

Marven’s Above brand was created to resume and keep alive the traditional concept of authentic craftsmanship in the goldsmith’s art. Ab ovo usque ad mala (from the Latin: from the egg to apples) was a common expression among the ancient Romans to define something to look after from beginning to end. Through Above, Marven wants to encourage a return to the purity of the origins, breaking away from the stereotype of casting made jewellery and industrial methods preferring ancient handicraft techniques with high artisan and artistic content. This pureness is also seeked in the choice of the materials, which are always genuine and precious: gold, silver, natural stones and pearls. The four collections (Cinetica, Intreccio, Iris, Venere) take inspiration from nature’s perfection and the universal language of art, introducing small series of handmade jewels where classic taste and modernity blend effortlessly.

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