Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada

Miu Miu is born in 1993 from the independent and unconventional spirit of Miuccia Prada. An outpost for the most refined femininity, a tangible expression of the energy conveyed by women’s natural contradictions and provocative personalities to contemporary society. Miu Miu is a workshop of new design expressions that play with the kaleidoscopic nature of fashion, where experimentation is the expressive playground for spontaneous creativity. By transforming fashion into a mental state and by utilizing change as the key element to build the world, Miu Miu achieves a characterful result boasting sensual as well as intellectual flair. Charming and unruly, the brand combines a naïf and sophisticatedly raw elegance with a youthful, maverick and carefree soul. The immediate and ever-evolving expressive language of Miu Miu narrates an individual and conscious femininity that allows room for boundless creativity.

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