Pasotti Ombrelli 1956

Luxury Artisan Umbrellas, Handmade in Italy since 1956

Splendid umbrellas, for design and for fabric, for decorations and handles. Pieces of the author who bring the "Made in Italy" of this particular sector all over the world, just as the great Asian competition offers daily low quality articles at very low prices. Despite the overall crisis, in the Mantuan countryside, in Castellucchio, there are those who continue to produce luxury umbrellas, entirely handmade, and to distribute them in every corner of the globe, with a brand that is about to turn 60: Pasotti. Pasotti stands out for its creativity and continuous research in materials, all exclusively Italian: enamelled brass, Swarovski® crystals, precious wood handles, wonderful decorations.

Presentation Pasotti Ombrelli 1956

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