The Couturier of Couturiers, The Master of Us All

Master of tailoring and precision, Cristobal Balenciaga was able to create soft and elegant lines on the human body. Spanish by birth, he managed to bring elements from his country like lace, the bolero and the contrasting colors, red and black, to Paris in the 1950s. Balenciaga dedicated his life to designing dresses and managed to go beyond the boundaries of fashion. For this reason, he is considered a true artist. Intuition and innovation, combined with a maniacal precision, are the basis for all of his creationslike collarless shirts, flat necklines, and balloon, tunic, sack and sleeveless dresses. He was born in 1895 in Getaria to a seamstress mother and fisherman father. He inherited his mother’s passion for tailoring and opened his first haute couture boutique in San Sebastian at only 20 years old. His great success in those years led him to open two more boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona.

Presentation Balenciaga

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