Vibro Music Treatment

It has been demonstrated and is now known that matter and the perceptible world consists of energy which “vibrates” at different frequencies, resulting in various elements which make up matter as we know it. Today, physics and medicine are objectively proving the effects of waves and frequencies on the body and mind of living beings. Science is explaining how organisms respond to frequency and music, re-conferring “scientific” value upon millennial disciplines and therapies.

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    Sound is vibration, each vibration has a specific frequency. In nature everything vibrates and emits sound: atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, organs... The body “responds” to stimuli proposed by a frequency, by resonating with it. Cellular gymnastic treatment through sounds and music. When the body rediscovers its own harmonious frequencies, it rediscovers...

    8 409,00 € 9 639,00 €
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